Bird Families

Monjita the Widow / Xolmis irupero



  • Gray monjita Xolmis cinereus Vieillot, 1816
  • Xolmis pyrope Kittlitz, 1830
  • Monjita the widow Xolmis irupero Vieillot, 1823
  • Black-headed monjita Xolmis coronatus Vieillot, 1823
  • Dominican monjita Xolmis dominicana Vieillot, 1823, sin. Heteroxolmis dominicana
  • Red-backed monjita Xolmis rubetra Burmeister, 1860
  • White-lumbar monjita Xolmis velatus Lichtenstein, 1823
  • Monjita is a widow of lat. Xolmis irupero is a bird from the tyrannous family. Monjita - a widow - a bright white bird, with dark eyes, black legs and a short
  • White-lumbar monjita lat. Xolmis velatus is a species of birds from the tyrannous family. They live in Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Natural environment
  • Red-backed monjita lat. Xolmis rubetra is a species of birds from the tyrannous family. There are two subspecies. Endemic to Argentina according to other sources, winter in Uruguay
  • Gray monjita lat. Xolmis cinereus is a species of birds from the tyrannous family. There are two subspecies. Live in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru
  • Black-headed monjita lat. Xolmis coronatus is a species of birds from the tyrannous family. Body length 21 - 22 cm, weight 40 - 53 g. On the head they have a black cap, limited
  • Lacepede, 1799 Brown-chested fly lice Xenotriccus Dwight et Griscom, 1927 Monjetes Xolmis Boie, 1826 Dwarf tyrants Zimmerius Traylor, 1977 Red tyrant
  • Genus: Monjites
  • Genus: Monjites

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