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The Australian crow (Latin Corvus coronoides) is a bird species from the raven genus.

The Australian crow was first described in 1827. The adjective coronoides ("crow-shaped") is derived from ancient Greek. κορονη (corone) - "crow" and ειδος (eidos) - "form".

The Australian crow has several alternative names, such as "southern crow", and the locals (the Eora and Darugi tribes) who inhabit Sydney Harbor call it "wugan".

The Australian crow is the largest species among the three species of crows that inhabit Australia. Its length is 46-53 cm, wingspan is 100 cm, weight is about 650 g. It is smaller than an ordinary raven, but otherwise very similar to it.

The plumage, beak and legs are completely black, the feathers have a glossy blue-violet to blue-green sheen, gray at the base, the iris of the eye is white, which is typical for all species of crows that inhabit Australia and the nearby islands in the north. The Australian crow has very prominent neck feathers.

Juveniles resemble adults, but their eyes are of a darker shade, feathers on the throat are short, and sometimes quite rare, exposing pink patches of skin.

Close relatives: Australian crow (Corvus orru), Bennet's crow (Corvus bennetti), Tasmanian crow (Corvus tasmanicus) and South Australian crow (Corvus mellori).

There are 2 subspecies of the Australian crow:

C. c. coronoides, living in Eastern Australia,
C. c. perplexus, which is found from the Great Australian Bight in South Australia and further into Western Australia. In the north, the range reaches Shark Bay and the mulga-eucalypt boundary line.
Hybrid birds are found on the Eyre Peninsula, the Goler Mountains and around Lake Eyre in South Australia.

In rural areas, one pair of birds with a brood occupies about a square kilometer of territory, while in urban areas on an area of ​​the same size, ten times more crows can find food.

The species range is southeastern Australia and the southern part of western Australia, the populations are connected by a narrow segment along the Nullarbor Plain. It is a typical bird in cities such as Sydney and Canberra.

The Australian crow is omnivorous. She eats grains, fruits, insects, small animals, eggs, small reptiles, carrion. These birds are mainly carnivorous.

Preferred Food Ratio Percentage:

34% carrion
42% invertebrates
24% plant material
Food is found mainly on the ground, from time to time they feed on trees. In urban environments, food is found in people's garbage.

The birds were also found to feed on nectar from eucalyptus flowers.

The nest of Australian crows is shaped like a bowl made of sticks alternating with layers of grass, bark and feathers.

Both the male and the female are engaged in the construction of the nest, later they feed the chicks together. Only females hatch eggs, acquire a brood only once a year.

The breeding season lasts from July to September.

Ravens nest in tall trees, away from the ground. One clutch consists of 3-6 eggs (on average there are 4 or 5 eggs). They are 45 x 30 mm (1¾ x 1¼ in.), Pale green or bluish green in color with darker olive, brown and black spots.

The incubation period lasts 20 days. Young animals fledge for another 45 days and stay with their parents for four months.

It is not uncommon for Australian crows to steal livestock from farms, preferring to attack in search of food. As a rule, they choose weak and sick individuals, however, this causes discontent among farmers, who began to attribute to these birds extraordinary stories about how they stole not only lambs, but also small children. In this connection, research was carried out and a detailed article was written.

The voice sounds like a leisurely and rather high "a - a - a - aaaah" (the last note is drawn out).This sound is used to communicate with nearby crows in the area. The five Australian species are very difficult to distinguish from each other, and it is much easier to do it by voice.

The Raven family

The genus of the Crow - Corvus - unites large birds with black and black-gray plumage with a metallic sheen, a black beak, in adult rooks with a white base. Body length varies from small jackdaws Corvus monedula, which are slightly larger than sparrows, to large ravens.

Flight - flapping with occasional flaps of wings or soaring. On windy days, they often practice “aerial acrobatics,” hovering around tall buildings, spiers, and bell towers.
The habit of ravens and their relatives to gather for group overnight stays is typical.

In clutch there are 3-7 yellowish-blue eggs with brown specks.

There are 40 or more species that are common everywhere except South America and Antarctica. There are seven species in Russia.

Crow. Bangai crow Corvus unicolor Australian crow Corvus coronoides Black crow Corvus corone White-necked crow Corvus cryptoleucus Hooded crow ..

Vladikavkaz arboretum

The Vladikavkaz arboretum is a botanical natural monument of regional significance in Vladikavkaz. It is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania. The arboretum serves the Vladikavkaz urban forest Ecology.


  • Bangai crow Corvus unicolor
  • Australian crow Corvus coronoides
  • Black crow Corvus corone
  • White-necked crow Corvus cryptoleucus
  • Hooded crow Corvus cornix
  • Bristly Crow Corvus rhipidurus
  • Large-billed crow Corvus macrorhynchos
  • South Australian crow Corvus mellori
  • Bronze crow Corvus crassirostris

1. Toponyms

  • The crow is a tributary of the Khopra - a river in the Penza, Tambov and Voronezh regions.
  • Crow is the name of the Poluzerie River in the lower reaches.
  • The crow is a tributary of the Ugra - a river in the Smolensk and Kaluga regions of Russia.
  • Crow is the name of the Khava River in the upper reaches.
  • The crow is a tributary of the Kontrovoda - a river in the Pozharsky district of the Primorsky Territory.
  • The crow is a tributary of the Bystritsa - the river of Ukraine, in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. The right tributary of the Bystritsa-Nadvirnyanskaya basin of the Dniester.


  • Crow is a village in the Kovel district of the Volyn region.
  • Crow is a village in the Kolomyisky district of Ivano-Frankivsk region.
  • Vorona is a village in the Borznyansky district of the Chernihiv region.

2. In culture

  • "The Crow" is a Russian short-length hand-drawn cartoon from the animated almanac "Merry Carousel".
  • Badb rus. The crow is the Irish goddess of war.
  • Common crow Corvus corax Black crow Corvus corone Hooded crow Corvus cornix Australian crow Corvus coronoides Bronze crow Corvus
  • crow Corvus corone sharpii Eastern hooded crow Corvus corone corone common Black crow Corvus corone orientalis Eastern black crow Plumage
  • dignity The list of the dead participants in Euromaidan Vyacheslav Vorona - Heavenly hundred STB In yacheslav Vorona is not a Hero. Cholovik pomilkovo was brought to the HEAVENLY HUNDREDS of unopened
  • heaps. Not only the plumage, but also the beak and legs of the raven are black. The iris is dark brown. Raven's voice - loud, trumpet, guttural, or distinct
  • The three-legged crow is a mythical creature found in the myths of Asia and North Africa. Usually in Asian countries, the three-legged crow was a symbol of the Sun
  • Hooded crow lat. Corvus cornix - a species of birds from the genus of ravens Sometimes black and gray crows are considered as subspecies of the same species - in this case, black
  • for articles about other people with the same surname, see. Petr Vorona Vorona Ukrainian. Petro Vasilovich Vorona b. August 6, 1967, p. Krupoderinsky Orzhitsky
  • sights of the constellation Raven, the galaxy NGC 4038 should be especially noted. Antennas An interesting double star Algorab Raven delta main component
  • Plasticine crow unopr. Israel: Non - Stop Supplement to the newspaper Vesti July 23, 2006 Retrieved April 9, 2018. Plasticine crow on the website
  • site Ekaterina Vorona on my - inaccessible link Ekaterina Vorona on the site Portraits of E. Vorona on TV company report
  • the common crow is smaller and has a smaller behavior.The bird is one of the main reservoirs of West Nile fever. American raven used
  • Large-billed crow lat. Corvus macrorhynchos is a raven bird This crow has a large beak. Plumage on the head, wings and tail
  • Crow ukr. Crow is a village in Ukraine, located in the Kovel district of the Volyn region. The KOATUU code is 0722184003. According to the 2001 census, the population is
  • In Russian, two versions of the translation of the name are widespread: Raise a Raven and Raise a Raven The film develops Bunuel's idea of ​​a child who believes that he can
  • Crow ukr. Vorona village at the enterprise, located on the territory of Borznyansky district of Chernihiv region Ukraine on the shores of Lake Vorona
  • a talking raven to a grief-stricken young man who has lost his beloved. In response to questions full of despair and hope, the raven repeats the word
  • bowl. The crow flew up to the window and said to the cat: I don't understand why you are suffering? I would take it and run away. The cat replied: I feel sorry for her, it will disappear without me. The crow suggested:
  • there are articles about other people with such a surname, see Vorona Vorona Valery. Valery Iosifovich Vorona - Russian violinist and music teacher, public
  • Shiny Raven lat. Corvus splendens - a species of birds from the raven genus The body length of a shiny raven is about 40 cm between a jackdaw and a black crow and
  • The Crow on the Bridge - Max Fry's book, 4th book in the Chronicles of Echo The Raven on the Bridge - the life story of Sir Shurf Lonely - Lockley, told by himself in a coffee shop
  • The Raven Apostles Eng. Disciples of the crow is an American horror short film based on the story by Stephen King Children of the Corn Young
  • people with such a surname, see Anatoly Vorona Vorona Anatoly Anatolyevich Vorona genus. 1980 - Ukrainian footballer. Vorona Anatoly Grigorievich genus
  • Konstantin Konstantinovich Vorona ukr. Kostyantin Kostyantinovich Vorona 1925 - 1997 - metallurgist at the Progress machine-building plant in Berdichev. Born
  • Black Raven is a Russian television series. The script of the series is based on the popular novel - trilogy by Dmitry Veresov - Black Raven Raven's Nest Flight
  • the translation means the river crow. But the Russians slightly modified the translation and called the river not Voronov as it should, but Voronya.
  • Anatoly Daniil Anatolyevich Vorona Zhitskiy ukr. Anatoly Danilo Anatoliyovich Vorona Zhitsky February 7, 1980, Kovel, USSR - Ukrainian footballer
  • See also: Yurt Yurt of the Crow - a story by Ivan Efremov. Written in 1958. Has a second name Hyundustyin eg Yurt Vorona in Tuvan language
  • the art of making decorative clay toys Anatoly Vorona recalls: Anatoly Vorona acts as a painter, and as a graphic artist, and as a master
  • Crow - whistler, or black-backed song crow of armor. Gymnorhina tibicen is a widespread bird species in Australia. Appearance and lifestyle
  • Three crows eng. The Three Ravens Child 26, Roud 5 is an Anglo-Scottish folk ballad known in many variations. Was printed in the songbook

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