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Sphodromantis viridis


Megalaima virdis / Psilopogon viridis

Hindi: Chhota basanta

Tamil: சின்னக் குக்குறுப்பான் (Chinna Kukkuruvaan)

پنجابی: میگالیما ویریڈیس

Catalan: Barbut verd de galtes blanques

Chinese: 小 绿 拟 鴷 / 小 綠 擬 啄 木

Czech: Vousák zelený

Danish: Sydindisk Skægfugl

Dutch: Groene Baardvogel

English: Indian Green Barbet, Small Brown-headed Barbet, Small Green Barbet, White-cheeked Barbet

Esperanto: Verda barbulo

French: Barbu vert

German: Grünbartvogel / Grün-Bartvogel

Italian: Barbetto guancebianche / Barbuto piccolo verde

Japanese: チ ャ ガ シ ラ ゴ シ キ ド リ (Chagashiragoshikidori)

Latin: Magalaima viridis / Megalaima viridis / Psilopogon viridis

Lithuanian: Žalioji megalaima

Polish: Pstroglów bialolicy / Pstrogłów białolicy

English: Green barbard / Small green barb

Slovak: Barbet zelený / Fuzáň zelený

Spanish: Barbudo Cariblanco / Barbudo Verde Pequeño

Swedish: Vitkindad barbett

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© 2017 Anuj Nair. All rights reserved.

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African tree mantis

* possible group content of nymphs up to stage 3-4

Terrarium size (LxWxH):

  • Single content: from 20 x 20 x 30 cm
  • Younger nymphs may be kept in smaller cages (see Terrarium for details)

Double ventilation is recommended (in the ceiling and in the opposite wall, closer to the bottom) to avoid stagnant moisture

Daytime 25 - 35 ° C, nighttime room (20-25 ° C)

Relative humidity:


  • Substrate: soil, sand, paper towels, gravel, coconut substrate, etc. (praying mantises rarely sit at the bottom)
  • Branches (vertical and horizontal / bent), bark
  • Live or artificial plants (beware of pesticides!)

Stage 1Fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster)
2-3 stageFruit fly (Drosophila hydei)
4-6 stageGreen meatfly, marble cockroach
from stage 7 to imagoMarble cockroach, locust

Counting segments: 8 visible ventral abdominal segments in males, 6 in females (for more details, see Determination of sex).

Adult stage (= fully grown + with wings):
Females at stage 10, males at 9
The number of molts may vary (especially with abnormally low temperatures and / or damage)

Willingness to mate after molt into the adult stage:

Mating duration:
6 - 18 hours

Ooteca (egg capsule)
Size: up to 3 cm
Shape: rounded
Brown colour
Spawning sites: thick branches, bark, flat surfaces
First ooteca: 5 weeks after molt into adulthood
Debug interval:

2 - 4 weeks
Quantity: up to 8 ootheques

Incubation and hatching

4 - 5 weeks
Adult temperature (see above), relative humidity over 50% (well ventilated)
Number of nymphs: up to 200 (on average 100)
Stage 1 nymph size: