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Pornoactisa after a gang rape opened up in a hospital ward


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Creative business trip to Languedoc. Part four. Ruined Abbey of Aletes-les-Bains

Visiting the ruins is extremely exciting. Whether it's ancient ruins or relatively fresh ones, viewing them still provides plenty of food for the imagination. Looking at the remains of the walls, mentally completing the missing parts, inventing interiors, imagining the people who were here when the building was intact. If utensils or other artifacts of a bygone era have survived, then there is a feeling of travel in time, you seem to be near and walk along the edge of someone's memory. What I read about in books or saw on old films suddenly comes to life and is filled with content, becomes tangible and convex. An indescribable feeling.

Therefore, we were particularly interested in the information that there is a ruined abbey in Alet-les-Beyne.

We arrived in Alet, hoping to climb and climb the ruins to our fullest. But that was not the case, the territory of the ruins turned out to be surrounded by a fence, and the gate was locked with a padlock. We got a little discouraged, but decided not to waste time and at least shoot something around the perimeter. Trying to bypass the area of ​​ruins from the rear, they found the entrance to the Church of St. Andrew.
Fragments of columns and other decorations are on display in the foyer of the church.

The door to the church turned out to be bolted (apparently due to a fairly early time), but we easily pushed it aside and got inside.

A chair without legs! Still, Catholics are more concerned with the convenience of their parishioners.

The most interesting thing about this church is the remains of ancient frescoes.

Law enforcers understand the scary story that happened to the young Russian porn actress. The girl became a victim of rapists and jumped out of the third floor window, trying to escape from the torturers who bullied her all night.

Lyuba Bushueva, aka Lola Taylor, with a shudder recalls the bullying that her new acquaintance and his friend subjected her to. The female lead in adult films dreamed of an expensive villa, fans and popularity. When fame came, there was no hope left to arrange a personal life. The men with whom Lyuba met did not see her as a companion.

The girl began to get acquainted via the Internet, found a gentleman there and went to visit him. Lola was sure that the young man would not recognize her. On the first date, a fan and a friend were brutally raped and beaten by a guest. Now the porn actress has abrasions all over her face, both legs are plastered. Lyuba, trying to escape the rapists, stepped out the window and fell from the third floor onto the asphalt. The doctors say that I was lucky, the fractures are not complicated, they will heal in a month.

Lyubov Bushueva, pornographic actress: “I'm just a lonely person, and sometimes I want to communicate. I am not married, I have no friends. Sometimes I want to chat with.

A new acquaintance and his friend were waiting for Lyuba in one of the apartments of the capital's high-rise building. As soon as the beauty entered the hallway, the men grabbed her, handcuffed her and began to rape her. The bullying continued throughout the night. Only in the morning did the guest seize the moment and rushed to flee.

The CCTV camera captured the criminals dragging the victim back to the entrance. The girl with a bloody face in torn clothes was no longer able to resist.

The neighbors, watching from the windows, called the police and an ambulance. The girl was sent to the hospital, and handcuffs were snapped on the wrists of her tormentors. The perpetrators turned out to be immigrants from Belarus who came to Moscow to work.

Elena Berkova, actress: “For me it is not at all clear how a girl can go to a stranger's home! You have to think about your safety, nothing beats the cost of your life. "

After the incident, Lyuba's grandmother found out what her granddaughter was actually doing. Lola had already decided to quit with and go home, when suddenly the door of the ward opened and a young man with a beautiful bouquet appeared on the threshold. The porn actress does not know who he is, he also knows everything about the unfortunate woman. The guest with flowers said that Lyuba's dark past did not bother him at all, he wanted to help the girl and was ready to marry her.