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However, it is worth starting the article with a story about what the beryl mineral is in general and why it assumes the presence of so many varieties.

Pure beryl is a mineral composed of 67% silicon oxide, 19% aluminum oxide and 14% beryllium oxide. In this form, it is translucent, has a white or beige color and does not carry jewelry value. The pure mineral is used in the metallurgical industry as an ore for the extraction of beryllium metal, which is then used to create light alloys.

However, not only pure beryl is found in nature, but also its variations with various impurities that change the color of the mineral and endow it with jewelry value. There can be a large variety of impurities and their combinations, and therefore there are a lot of varieties of beryl in nature. The most interesting of them acquire their own name, and we will talk about them in this article.

Beryl magic

But before we go directly to the varieties of beryl and their magical properties, it must be said that although in its pure form this mineral is not used to make jewelry and amulets, it still carries the magic accumulated over many years of existence in the bowels of the earth.

The main magical property of pure beryl is the preservation of family ties, the creation of a favorable environment in the house. And in this case we are talking about respect between spouses, and about mutual understanding between fathers and children. In addition, this mineral helps to find peace of mind and financial well-being. The stone also has a positive effect on health.

The above properties are characteristic of both pure beryl and all its varieties, however, the latter differ in their special features. Let's talk about them already.

Emerald: a noble stone of honest people

Emerald is perhaps the most famous variety of beryl. People have loved and respected this stone since ancient times. Back in the 1st century, the ancient Roman writer Gaius Pliny talked about the "emeralds of the Scythians" - this is how emeralds were called in former times.

In nature, they are not often found, and therefore this gem is quite expensive. Some particularly successful specimens of the mineral value higher than diamonds. The color of the emerald has a deep green; it owes it to the admixtures of vanadium and chromium.

Emerald is a truly noble stone, and therefore it does not tolerate deceit, betrayal, envy, anger and other ignoble feelings and actions. Getting into the hands of a person, this gem, as it were, conducts a scan of his negative sides, after which he directs all his magic and power to eradicate them. And until the bearer of the amulet or jewelry with a dark green mineral is corrected, the stone will not manifest its magical properties in other areas.

If a person turns out to be incorrigible, he will most likely lose the amulet, or the stone will begin to harm him in every possible way. But in the event that the mineral manages to rid its owner of bad thoughts, he will begin to multiply his benefits in every possible way.

  • For those who dream of financial well-being, he will help them find wealth.
  • Anyone who has been looking for a second half for a long time will be brought together with a person destined by fate itself.
  • And if the bearer of the talisman needs to improve his health, the emerald will cope with this task.

In general, as you understand, any magic is subject to a noble stone. But, we repeat, if you want this gem to help you, you also need to become noble, open and honest.

Aquamarine: tailwind and true love

Another fairly well-known variety of beryl is the aquamarine stone. The pure mineral is converted to aquamarine by iron impurities, with colors ranging from subtle blue to deep blue depending on the concentration of the impurity.

Of course, it is not surprising that the magic of a stone of this color was associated with water in ancient times. The mineral was called the best talisman of all sailors and travelers. At the same time, it was believed that he helps both experienced sailors and those who set sail for the first time, and even saves them from seasickness.

However, the gem protects not only those who are somehow connected with the water element. Aquamarine is the best helper for all those who dream of strong love. Mineral protects from deception and betrayal. This gem can become a reliable friend of all lovers: for those whose romance has just begun, it will help to find mutual understanding, and for those who have been married for a long time - to remain faithful. Protects the mineral not only true love, but also true friendship.

Sunstone heliodor

This beryl is no longer as famous as the two previous ones. Heliodor - a mineral of yellow colors - is met by stones of golden, orange, lemon shades. The tone, again, is determined by the concentration of the impurity; particles of uranium and iron are hidden in the heliodor.

The name of the stone is translated as "solar gift" and such a name was given to him for a reason. First of all, it owes its name to its appearance - and the point is not only in the color of the stone, but also in the fact that the mineral sparkles amazingly beautifully and shimmers in the sun. However, in addition, the name of the mineral is explained by its magical properties.

Heliodor is a stone of a light joyful mood, which is often called solar by the people.

  • Jewelery with a gem should definitely be worn when going to a meeting with friends, to parties and travel. It will provide a festive atmosphere and enhance the mood of not only the bearer of the amulet, but the whole company.
  • Also, the stone saves from depression, bad thoughts and blues, and if you put it under your pillow, you can forget about nightmares forever.

However, you need to be careful with this gem. You shouldn't wear it to work, to business meetings and other serious events. He can tune in to frivolity and prevent him from making the right reasonable decision.

Morganite: the chosen one of Buddhist monks

This magnesium-rich beryl variety has a light pink tone and a soft glow. Thanks to this radiance, the gem looks very gentle and so attractive that Buddhist monks saw in it a relationship with the Higher forces of the Universe.

Buddhists believed that morganite is of unearthly origin and that mystical knowledge about the structure of the Universe is encrypted in it. They also argued that he is able to protect from any disease, since it has the strongest vital energy.

Astrologers, on the other hand, believe that the gem was created primarily to store the family hearth, and therefore it makes sense to wear the stone not only as a personal decoration, but also to purchase some precious souvenir with morganite for home decor. Such an amulet will make the husband more attentive and thrifty, the woman more sensual, and the children assiduous and sharpen their intellect.

It is argued that morganite is able to save even relationships that are on the verge of breaking up.

Augustite: Bad Thoughts Away

Augustite is one of the most expensive and rarest types of beryl, its cost can go up to $ 150-200 per carat. It has a deep blue color and is most often counterfeited. Moreover, a stone called "mashishe" is often used to create a plausible fake - this is also beryl and is also dark blue, but it quickly fades and therefore does not have a high value.

Augustite can play the role of a real amulet. Like morganite, it is especially prized as a home amulet, but for different reasons. This gem will become a kind of barrier that will prevent negative energy from outside from entering your home. People with bad intentions will bypass your family, and the household will become kinder to each other.

As a personal talisman, Augustite is also valuable. He is able to endow his master with vitality, to give energy and vigor to both body and spirit. Also, the mineral drives away laziness.

Bixbit: Reveals Your Talents

Finally, we will tell you about another amazing beryl - bixbit - the rarest beryl of the precious. Sellers ask for it from $ 250 per carat.

The stone has a deep pink color, sometimes it is called "red emerald", but bixbit is found in nature much less often than a noble green mineral. At the moment, it is mined in just one deposit, and it periodically becomes inaccessible due to groundwater, which is why many are destined to see this stone only in the photo.

It is not surprising that such a rare mineral was endowed with a lot of magical properties. However, its main feature is considered to be the ability to help a person reveal his creative abilities. In addition, the mineral also helps in revealing talents that are not associated with creativity. So if you are still looking for your path in life and have not really found your business, you definitely need a bixbit talisman.

The gem also brings good luck in professional activities - it helps in the implementation of the most ambitious plans and protects against layoffs and layoffs. Also, the stone sharpens the mind and intuition, helps to overcome laziness and fatigue.

Bixbit is important for women. It helps the beautiful half of humanity to become more self-confident, realize their sensuality, gain wisdom. A woman wearing jewelry with this mineral will always be loved and desired by the chosen one, respected by children and girlfriends.

Well, now you know what colors beryl is and what a beneficial effect each of the shades can have on your life. We hope that in this article you have found the very stone for yourself and very soon it will become your faithful amulet.

Do not forget to share the material on social networks with your friends - let them also get a chance to find a faithful amulet and make their life more prosperous! We hope that our light and relaxed manner of storytelling appeals to you, and you will visit us again. And in order not to look for us for a long time, we advise you to connect your mailbox to our mailing list of updates. We do not say goodbye, we say goodbye to you!

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