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    Rusty Corpus / Euphagus carolinus

    October 18th, 2012

    Rusty blackbird(Euphagus carolinus)

    My last booty.

    He lives near reservoirs, often joins flocks of other corpses.

    It feeds on insects, seeds, fry, sometimes it can attack even small birds.

    The rusty little corpse gets its name from the winter color of the feather.

    And in the summer, males will be black, somewhat similar to the Shiny Small Corpse, Brewer's Blackbird.

    Brewer's Blackbird(Euphagus cyanocephalus)

    In males of the shiny corpse, in addition to the shiny black plumage, the head also casts purple. So you can probably confuse it with rusty, but only from afar.

    Brewer's Blackbird

    Brewer's Blackbird

    Closer to autumn, the corpses huddle in huge flocks, sometimes uniting with starlings, and raid the surrounding gardens, fields and farms.

    The last and nastiest bird of all corpse, the Brown-headed Cow Corpse.

    Brown-headed Cowbird(Molothrus ater)

    These corpses are nesting parasites, and that says it all.

    Brown-headed Cowbird

    The female brown-headed corpse can lay 36 eggs per season. Not all of the chicks survive, of course, some birds recognize the substitution and throw out other people's eggs. Others raise their chicks on a vegetarian diet that is not suitable for young corpses.

    Brown-headed Cowbird

    Interestingly, parents often return to visit their offspring. And if somewhere their eggs were rejected, then the corpses often destroy this nest in revenge.

    Brown-headed Cowbird

    When I first became interested in birds, very often, when I thought that I had found and photographed a new bird, it turned out to be a young cow corpse. So my dislike for them is understandable, right?

    The corpse family

    18.9. Family Corpus - Icteridae

    American birds, usually somewhat starling-like. A rusty corpse flew to Chukotka - Euphagus carolinus, black with a metallic sheen, feathers with red edges in autumn, so that the bird looks brown, the tail is long, rounded, the beak is long and sharp, the eyes are light. The voice is a high-pitched meowing cry.

    Table 40

    Encyclopedia of the Nature of Russia. - M .: ABF.

    R.L. Boehme, V.L. Dinets, V.E. Flint, A.E. Cherenkov.