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Pornoactisa after a gang rape opened up in a hospital ward


The classic French dessert recipe from the book “LAROUSSE. Desserts. PIERRE HERME "

It is interesting that in the book, only in rare desserts, the calorie content is indicated, but it was in this that it was indicated, apparently, because this lightest pear-vanilla delight cannot be missed.
Cooking it is not too troublesome, only you will need to wait a few hours until it hardens completely. Usually I cook such desserts that should freeze in the evening, so that the pangs of waiting do not touch me while I sleep.
True, the dessert underwent some changes during preparation. But I will also indicate the original text.
Firstly, there is cream in the recipe, but at the time of making the charlotte I did not have it. Therefore, I did without them at all. Skipping this point in the recipe, the cream was a little denser than it should be, but still very delicate and tasty.
Secondly, I flavored one part of the pears with pear liqueur, which made the taste and aroma of charlotte even better, more versatile and brighter. I think Erme would not be disappointed J
Thirdly, Pierre Hermé proposes to use ladies' fingers cookies one by one, and I made convenient biscuits in the form of disks and a tape for the bead.
I also want to emphasize that it is imperative to boil pears in syrup, even if your pears are soft. This is necessary so that they are of the same density. This procedure will add juiciness to not juicy pears, not aromatic - aroma, but the most important thing! pears will not darken.
And one more thing, Pierre Erme in his book gives the temperature and baking time for "ladies' fingers", at which everything burned into embers. I changed both the temperature and the time, I will write about this in the recipe.

Law enforcers understand the scary story that happened to a young Russian porn actress. The girl became a victim of rapists and jumped out of the third floor window, trying to escape from the torturers who bullied her all night.

Lyuba Bushueva, aka Lola Taylor, with a shudder recalls the bullying that her new acquaintance and his friend subjected her to. The female lead in adult films dreamed of an expensive villa, fans and popularity. When fame came, there was no hope left to arrange a personal life. The men with whom Lyuba met did not see her as a companion.

The girl began to get acquainted via the Internet, found a gentleman there and went to visit him. Lola was sure that the young man would not recognize her. On the first date, a fan and a friend were brutally raped and beaten by a guest. Now the porn actress has abrasions all over her face, both legs are plastered. Lyuba, trying to escape the rapists, stepped out the window and fell from the third floor onto the asphalt. The doctors say that I was lucky, the fractures are not complicated, they will heal in a month.

Lyubov Bushueva, pornographic actress: “I'm just a lonely person, and sometimes I want to communicate. I am not married, I have no friends. Sometimes I want to chat with.

A new acquaintance and his friend were waiting for Lyuba in one of the apartments of the capital's high-rise building. As soon as the beauty entered the hallway, the men grabbed her, handcuffed her and began to rape her. The bullying continued throughout the night. Only in the morning did the guest seize the moment and rushed to flee.

The CCTV camera captured the criminals dragging the victim back to the entrance. The girl with a bloody face in torn clothes was no longer able to resist.

The neighbors, watching from the windows, called the police and an ambulance. The girl was sent to the hospital, and handcuffs were snapped on the wrists of her tormentors. The perpetrators turned out to be immigrants from Belarus who came to Moscow to work.

Elena Berkova, actress: “For me it is not at all clear how a girl can go to a stranger's home! You have to think about your safety, nothing beats the cost of your life. "

After the incident, Lyuba's grandmother found out what her granddaughter was actually doing. Lola had already decided to quit with and go home, when suddenly the door of the ward opened and a young man with a beautiful bouquet appeared on the threshold. The porn actress does not know who he is, he also knows everything about the unfortunate woman. The guest with flowers said that Lyuba's dark past did not bother him at all, he wanted to help the girl and was ready to marry her.


Black Bulbul (Hypsipetes leucocephalus) distributed in India, Sri Lanka, southern China, Madagascar and the islands of the Indian Ocean. It inhabits evergreen and deciduous deciduous forests, found in gardens on the slopes of the mountains.


The body length of the black bulbul reaches 24-25 cm. The color of this long-tailed bird varies from gray to black, while its legs and beak are red.

Nutrition and reproduction

Feeds on black bulbul mainly by seeds and insects, including flying ones, he is very fond of nectar.

It nests in trees or shrubs; it builds a nest from grass, dry leaves, moss, lichen and wool. Clutch contains 2-3 eggs, incubation period lasts 12-13 days. Both parents feed the chicks, and they leave the nest in 11-13 days.

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