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Is it normal to have large areolas? And what are they in general?


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Law enforcers understand the scary story that happened to a young Russian porn actress. The girl became a victim of rapists and jumped out of the third floor window, trying to escape from the torturers who bullied her all night.

Lyuba Bushueva, aka Lola Taylor, with a shudder recalls the bullying that her new acquaintance and his friend subjected her to. The female lead in adult films dreamed of an expensive villa, fans and popularity. When fame came, there was no hope left to arrange a personal life. The men with whom Lyuba met did not see her as a companion.

The girl began to get acquainted via the Internet, found a gentleman there and went to visit him. Lola was sure that the young man would not recognize her. On the first date, a fan and a friend were brutally raped and beaten by a guest. Now the porn actress has abrasions all over her face, both legs are plastered. Lyuba, trying to escape the rapists, stepped out the window and fell from the third floor onto the asphalt. The doctors say that I was lucky, the fractures are not complicated, they will heal in a month.

Lyubov Bushueva, pornographic actress: “I'm just a lonely person, and sometimes I want to communicate. I am not married, I have no friends. Sometimes I want to chat with.

A new acquaintance and his friend were waiting for Lyuba in one of the apartments of the capital's high-rise building. As soon as the beauty entered the hallway, the men grabbed her, handcuffed her and began to rape her. The bullying continued throughout the night. Only in the morning did the guest seize the moment and rushed to flee.

The CCTV camera captured the criminals dragging the victim back to the entrance. The girl with a bloody face in torn clothes was no longer able to resist.

The neighbors, watching from the windows, called the police and an ambulance. The girl was sent to the hospital, and handcuffs were snapped on the wrists of her tormentors. The perpetrators turned out to be immigrants from Belarus who came to Moscow to work.

Elena Berkova, actress: “For me it is not at all clear how a girl can go to a stranger's home! You have to think about your safety, nothing beats the cost of your life. "

After the incident, Lyuba's grandmother found out what her granddaughter was actually doing. Lola had already decided to quit with and go home, when suddenly the door of the ward opened and a young man with a beautiful bouquet appeared on the threshold. The porn actress does not know who he is, he also knows everything about the unfortunate woman. The guest with flowers said that Lyuba's dark past did not bother him at all, he wanted to help the girl and was ready to marry her.

What are areoles for? i

We all know that every millimeter of an organism was created by nature for a reason. The same applies to the female areolas around the nipples. They differ not only in a special fabric that protects the chest from wear and tear and external damage. Originally, nature conceived the areola as a "marker" for newborn babies. When a baby is born, he sees poorly enough - and the dark and large areola gives him the opportunity to find his natural "source of nutrition."

What areoles are there in size and color? 2

The areola is an area of ​​skin with specific pigmentation that surrounds the nipple. It can be of different shapes, sizes and colors. It depends on many factors - from race to genetic predisposition. The areola is a unique part of the female body, but curious scientists have carried out a number of studies and have come to the conclusion that the average diameter of the female areola is approximately 4 cm.

The shape of the areola can be of three types - round, elliptical or oval. In rare cases, there may be a complete absence of the areola in a woman.

The size of the areola in a woman increases with age in 80% of cases. In adolescence, the areola is on average 2-2.5 cm in diameter, and after 50 years in some women the diameter of the areola can reach 10 or more centimeters.

The size of the areola also increases in almost all women during pregnancy, after childbirth and during breastfeeding. He may return to the original indicator, or maybe not - this is the physiology of the female body, in which there is nothing terrible.

The color of the areola can also be completely different. It directly depends on the race, skin color, age and period in a woman's life. Acceptable colors are pink, beige, brown, coral and chocolate and their various variations.

By the way, today there is an interesting procedure called "permanent areola makeup". It helps to give this area of ​​the female breast the desired color - the intervention is performed solely for aesthetic purposes. If there is an opportunity and desire, you should not deny yourself such a metamorphosis, because it is very important for a girl to love herself and her appearance.

Types of female nipples 3

  • There is a specific classification of female nipples. There is no "right" option - there are many types, each of which is considered the norm. Let's highlight the main ones:
  • Convex. The nipples protrude a little even in a calm state. Stimulation of various kinds, be it physical or mental, brings the nipples into a state of arousal, which in medical language is called "nipple erection." The areola is medium in size, the color may vary depending on the color of the skin itself and the individual characteristics of the organism.
  • Flat. In most cases, in color, they completely merge with the areola and appear only in case of touch or sexual arousal. The areola can be of any size and different colors.
  • Retracted. In a calm state, they look "sunken", but in moments of excitement they harden and rise above the surface of the areola.
  • Versatile. In some women, the following situation is observed - one nipple may be convex, and the other inverted. There is absolutely nothing to worry about - during arousal or physical stimulation, both nipples will become hard and will look exactly the same.
  • Lumpy. Sometimes you feel small, soft bumps on your nipples. This is also one of the variants of the norm, and these bulges are called Montgomery tubercles. If a girl has them from birth, there is no cause for concern. By the way, such bulges can appear during pregnancy - in some cases they disappear, and sometimes they remain with the girl forever.

Can nipples be unusual? four

In some films and TV shows, you can stumble upon a moment when one of the characters has a third nipple. Almost everyone perceives this as a joke, but it was not there - nature may not be like that.

In fact, the third nipple does not interfere with its owner in any way - if you forget about the aesthetic side of the issue. Moreover, in some recorded cases of a similar pathology in women, the third nipple even secreted milk and fully functioned for breastfeeding the baby. In the modern world, plastic surgeons work miracles, so if you suddenly have to face a similar problem, it can be solved surgically.

What areolas do men like? five

And in conclusion, here are some statistics. What areoles do men like most? If you think that you will find an unambiguous answer to your question here, a big surprise awaits you.

  • 35% of men are not at all interested in the appearance of a girl's breasts. For them, the more important factors for arousal are body odor, tone of voice, and respiratory rate.
  • 23% of men look at women's breasts in general - they do not care about the size, color and shape of the areolas.
  • Almost 60% of men are convinced that the size of the areola does not affect a woman's sexuality in any way. Each girl is special and different with her own zest.
  • For 33% of men, a woman is a single whole, and every part of the body, be it ankles or areola around the nipple, is an important puzzle in a single whole.

Interesting facts and myths 6

There is an opinion that the woman's ability to receive sexual pleasure directly depends on the size of the nipple and areola. However, only 24% of women surveyed identified the areola as an erogenous zone - others either did not designate it as such, or never thought about it.

Also, many girls believe that men like exclusively soft pink nipples, but this is not at all true. Moreover, trying to reduce areola pigmentation yourself at home can be very dangerous.

The breasts are an essential part of a woman's sexual anatomy. It is at that moment when you can accept yourself for who you are, and maximally liberate yourself in front of your man, you will understand how much pleasure you can get from having sex.